Community Benefit

Community Benefit

ERG believe passionately in the need for renewable energy but are also acutely aware of the necessity for sensitive and sustainable development, which is of benefit to the communities in which it will be located.

We have committed to make an annual award of £5,000 per MW to the local communities. The wind farm could make an annual contribution to the surrounding communities of up to £200,000 per annum. 

Community Ownership

Additionally, we are committed to exploring community Shared Ownership proposals with the local community  to invest in the wind farm and share in the returns across the 30 year life span through their ownership stake. This offer is additional to the Community Benefit. We are delivering a comparable model of this through our project at Sandy Knowe, Upper Nithsdale Dumfries and Galloway and to date this has proved a positive success.

Previous Success

At Sandy Knowe, we were one of the first onshore wind developers in Scotland to offer shared ownership on a major wind development. Sandy Knowe Wind Farm is a positive example of community involvement in a wind farm project and has a long standing, supportive relationship with the local communities. With the support and assistance of the local communities we were able to offer encouraging community benefit packages, shared ownership opportunities and procurement initiatives all benefiting the local area.

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